Club to play in summer 14-and-under league

The Camanachd Association has announced that the 14-and-under South Six-a-side development league dates are as follows for our Group (Group B):

Thursday 26th April – Round 1, to be hosted by Meadowburn
Friday 25th May – Round 2, to be hosted by ourselves
Tuesday 19th June – Round 3, to be hosted by CCL (note new date for this is now final).

The time is likely to be approximately 6.30 – 8.30 pm, with two pitches in use to allow all 5 teams to play each other within that time.

The Group winners will go on to play the winners of Groups A and C in Oban in August.

Edinburgh has a very strong complement of players for a sixes tournament, and should do well.

The club encourages anyone who has not played before to give this tournament a go because you will be supported by a pool of experienced players. (Eligibility: players who are 14 or younger on 1st July 2012, and players must be registered with the Camanachd Association. Anyone not registered who wishes to play, please contact us.)

Our teams have learnt the skills and improved hugely since they started competing together, and this should be a great opportunity for the players to show just what they can achieve as Camanachd Dhùn-Èideann!

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